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ELC Booster Club purchases scoreboard

By Staff | Aug 13, 2008

A new highlight in the gymnasium at the Estherville Lincoln Central High School gymnasium is just that- a high light.

The new wireless scoreboard requires less maintenance and uses LED lights. Teams benefitting will be volleyball, basketball and wrestling.

Brian DeJong, ELC athletic director, said, “This past winter, the ELC Booster Club talked about getting a new scoreboard.”

He said this is in conjunction with the remodeling plan for the gymnasium in the summer of 2009. At that time, the gym will be painted and other new features are scheduled.

The outdated scoreboards were donated to Forest Ridge for their athletic teams.

“We need to showcase our gymnasium because it is the biggest gym around,” he said.

An added bonus is the scoreboard includes four locker room time clocks which will be convenient for the teams and coaches.

“This will be so convenient for the teams because they will know exactly how much time is remaining before the game begins or half time ends,” DeJong said.

Because it is a wireless system, the controls can be worked from any part of the gymnasium. This also allows for use during practice so players can simulate game plays.

The entire system cost the booster club approximately $18,000.

“I want to thank our ELC Booster Club for really supporting athletics and contributing their time for our athletes and programs. I also want to thank our supporters for their generous monetary donations through the years,” DeJong said.

“The ELC Booster Club would like to thank Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative for being a major contributor to the new scoreboards. At this time the ELC Booster Club is still seeking scoreboard sponsors from area businesses,” said ELC Booster Club president Bob Humble. “The ELC Booster Club would also like to thank the community for their continued support as we start a new year of athletics.”