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Satern wins Iowa State Service Rifle Championship

By Staff | Aug 28, 2008

Steve Satern, owner of Satern Custom Machining, Inc., of Estherville, took first place in the Iowa State Service Rifle Championship this past weekend in Mason City.

Satern had a score of 770 out of 800 possible points with his .223 AR-15, the civilian equivalent of the military M-16 A-2.

The competition consisted of an 80-shot course of fire in standing and seated positions. Competitors did both fast-fire and rapid-fire shooting at targets of ranges of 200 yards and 300 yards. Shooting was time sensitive, meaning that all rounds had to be fired within a given period.

Satern made the barrel he used in the competition, an 8.24 twist. Overall, the rifle weighed a hefty 14 pounds.

This past weekend was the last of a long list of shooting awards that Satern has received. He received the Distinguished Marksman badge in the Army. The badge was the result of an effort starting in 1887 to improve soldiers’ marksmanship. Satern also qualified as 67th in the nation in the President’s Hundred Rifle competition. He also received an award in the the Daniel Boone National match course of fire, placing in the top 3 percent in the 50-shot competition.

At Satern Custom Machining, Inc., Satern manufactures barrels, many for the military. Through an exclusive process, Satern manufactures barrels that the U.S. Marines and Army have come to regard as the best in the world, a major reason why they continue to be in strong demand.

Satern also manufactures specialized rifle barrels for the police and civilian markets, many for competition.