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Estherville Special Olympians do well at 2009 Summer Games

By Staff | Jun 13, 2009

The Estherville Parks and Recreation Special Olympics athletes participated in the state summer games May 21-23 on the campus of Iowa State University in Ames.

Events included tennis bocce, swimming and track and field.

The results for the local athletes are as follows:


Paul Pritts, singles, silver medal

Tennis coach is Diana Pritts


Team 1: Chelsey Moffitt, Sandy Porter, Kelsey Shirk, Marissa Prentice, fourth place

Team 2: Alex Torres, Todd West, Ryan Williams, bronze medal

Team 3 – Unified: David Carrico, Beth Carrico, Lynda Hart, Duane Frick, bronze medal

Team 4 – Unified: Dr. Keith Probst, Shirley Moffitt, Connor Probst, Kristina Prentice, gold medal

Bocce is coached by Paul Moffitt.


Female age 12-15:

Marissa Prentice – 25 FM crawl, fourth; 25 BM backstroke, silver

Female ages 16-21:

Kristina Prentice – 25FM crawl, gold; 50 FM crawl, gold

Chelsey Moffitt – 50 FM crawl, silver; 50 BM back, silver

Kelsey Shirk – 25 FM crawl, fourth; 25 BM back, fifth

Male ages 8-11

Devon Riskedahl – 25 FM crawl, gold; 25 BM back, gold

Male ages 16-21

Connor Probst – 25 FM crawl, silver; 25 B backstroke, bronze

Male ages 22-29

Ryan Williams – 100FM crawl, gold; 25 BM back, bronze

Mack Torres – 100 FM crawl, gold; 100 BM back, silver

4×25 girls relay

Chelsey Moffitt, Kelsey Shirk, Marissa Prentice, Kristina Prentice, bronze

4×25 boys relay

Devon Riskedahl, Connor Probst, Ryan Williams, Mack Torres, gold

Swimming is coached by Paul Moffitt, assisted by Keith Probst and Steve Williams

Track and Field

Ages 8-11

Matthew Muster, 5, 100-meter dash, 20.16 seconds

Ages 16-21

Ryan Etherington, 5, shot put, 8.52 meters

Ages 22-29

Alex Torres, 6, 200-meter dash, 44.23 seconds; 2, shot put, 6.66 meters

Ages 30-50

John Bunge, 6, 50-meter walk, 24.53 seconds

Lynda Hart, participation, 100-meter walk; 3, softball throw, 12.81 meters

Sandy Porter, 3, 50-meter walk, 28.14 seconds; 2, softball throw, 6.83 meters

Paul Voetmann, 2, softball throw, 23.40 meters

Todd West, 2, 100-meter dash, 15.55 seconds

Bruce Dubberke, 2, 25-meter wheelchair

Ages 51-plus

Duane Frick, 4, 50-meter run, 17.06 seconds; 3, softball throw, 12.24. meters

The following athletes had their all-time best: Matthew Mustard, Lynda Hart (softball), Sandy Porter in both her events, Todd West and Duane Frick (softball).

Track and field events are coached by Beth Carrico, assisted by Michele Etherington and Dave Carrico.