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Indians look to eliminate turnovers in game 2

By Staff | Sep 4, 2009

SPIRIT LAKE – Five turnovers in the first game lends itself to an obvious solution for the Spirit Lake football team to play better tonight-don’t do that.

“Even if you have five turnovers against a poor team, you’re not going to do well,” said Spirit Lake coach Josh Bolluyt. “We did have five sophomores starting their first game, but they got better as the game went on.

“We made some mistakes with guys trying to make things that weren’t there. We need to eliminate turnovers and be more aggressive,” he said.

Now that the first game is past, the Indians will have a chance to show what they can do in tonight’s game against Sioux Central.

The Rebels opened the season with 2 0-0 win over Alta a week ago.

“They scored on three of their first four possessions,” said Bolluyt of Sioux Central.

After that, the two teams fought to a stalemate.

Sioux Central has a new coach this year and while that gives the Rebels a different look, Bolluyt said they run a 3-5 defense and an I-formation similar to the Indians.

Concerns for the Spirit Lake defense is the Rebels’ passing game.

“They have athletic receivers,” said Bolluyt. “On one play, they scored on a third and long. The also ran a revers pass on the first play of the game that took it to the 5 (yard-line).”

The coach said the Indians’ defense will also have to be disciplined as the Rebels run the option.

“We don’t see that as much,” he said.

The Indians are helped this week by the return of Nik Erickson and tailback and linebacker and DJ Smith on the defense.