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Midgettes make a racket in Storm Lake

By Staff | May 7, 2010

STORM LAKE – It was nearly a sweep for the Estherville Lincoln Central girls tennis team on Thursday evening as the Midgettes defeated Storm Lake. However, senior Kelsie McCauley continued to fight through a shoulder injury – as well as a bout of forgetfulness – and ended up losing the Midgettes’ lone match of the evening as ELC finished with an 8-1 victory.

“It was a pretty good evening for the girls again tonight,” said ELC coach Larry Kirchner. “Kelsie is struggling a little bit with a shoulder injury that’s keeping her from playing her best and we have got to limit a few of the things she does on the court. She also found out that it’s pretty tough to play when you forget your racket at home.”

In singles action, Lexie Hash won 10-7, Erin Olson won 10-3, Kaylene Vos won 10-3, Emily Swalve won 10-7, Morgan Kirchner won 10-3 and McCauley lost 10-6.

In doubles, Vos and Olson won 10-2, Hash and Swalve won 10-8 and McCauley and Kirchner won 10-3.

“It seems as though we’re playing better now than we were at the beginning of the season,” said Kirchner, “so that is good. We’re hoping that we continue to improve throughout the rest of the year.”

On the JV side, Liz Olson won 8-6, Corin Swalve won 8-6, Holly Enerson 8-3 and Kaylee Schoon won 8-5.

Tessa Bernholtz and Jessica Lepird each fell 8-5.

In doubles, Olson and Enerson won 8-6, Swalve and Schoon won 8-4 and Bernholtz and Lepird won 8-2.

There were also several exhibition matches on the evening.

Megan Rogers and Kelly Zebedee lost 6-2, Carol Daniels and Amanda Heinrichs won 6-4, Emily Lair and Emily Chrestiansen won 6-3, Mckenzie Wilson and Cheyenne Lepird lost 6-4, Morgan Schubert and Amanda Schacherer lost 6-3, McKayla Ulrich and Paula Erickson won 6-1 and Natalie Olson and Erickson lost 4-2.