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ELC netters down Spencer

By Staff | Apr 12, 2011

SPENCER – The Estherville Lincoln Central Girls Tennis Team had much more success against Spencer in the Midgettes’ second outing of the season.

ELC won 8-1, dropping only one singles matches on the night.

“We played well. We had a few slow starts, but then started to play a lot better,” said ELC coach Larry Kirchner.

In singles play, Erin Olson won 10-3 over Sara Van Berkam; Corin Swalve won 10-6 over Sara Van Kley; Allison Hevern won 10-6 over Bradi Vashke; Amanda Heinrichs won 10-4 over Ann Magnuson; Bailey Hagen lost 11-9 to Nicole Staples and Tessa Bernholtz won 10-5 over Amy McLawry.

In doubles play, Olson and Swalve won 10-3 over Van Berkam and Van Kley; Hevern and Hagen won 10-7 over Vashke and Staples and Heinrichs and Bernholtz won 10-6 over Magnuson and McLawry.

The ELC junior varsity won 6-3 over the Tigers.

In singles play, Kaylee Schoon won 8-1, Carol Daniels lost 8-6, Kelly Zebeee won 8-4, Emily Chrestiansen won 8-2, Emily Lair lost 8-5 and Maddy Burns won 8-4.

In doubles play, Schoon and Chrestiansen lost 8-3; Daniels and Zebedee won 8-5 and Burns and Amanda Schacherer won 8-3.

In exhibition play, Schacherer and Mckenzie Wilson won 6-0, Caitlin Weber and Samantha Longman lost 6-0, Janae Howing and Maria Hansgard won 6-4 and Morgan Shubbert and Kayla Ulrich won 6-3.