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ELC falls to Storm Lake

By Staff | Apr 30, 2011

The Estherville Lincoln Central Boys Tennis Team was swept by Storm Lake on Friday.

“Today was very windy so it was hard to chart our progress,” said ELC coach Tony Klein. ” But one thing I like about these guys is that they just show up and play. There was no complaining about the wind or making excuses.”

The meet was halted when the Tornadoes reached five wins.

Only the singles matches were completed on varsity.

Brad Olsen lost 10-4 to Carsen Anderson; Riley Edwards lot 10-0 to Richy Khamsouk, John Reisner lost 10-1 to Cole Anderson, Ti Soper lost 10-0 to Desmond Khounlo; Joe Heinrichs lost 10-1 to Nate Botine and Taylor Fenholz lost 10-1 to Ryan Matasovky.

In junior varsity play, Thomas Bortvit lost 8-0, Colten Christensen lost 8-0, Noel Mendoza lost 8-1, Maysen Lupkes lost 8-1, Brandon Sharar lost 8-1 and Payton Jaquith lost 8-0.

In doubles, Bortvit and Christensen lost 8-1; Mendoza and Lupkes lost 8-1 and Sharar and Jaquith lost 8-0.