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ICCAC Honors Iowa Lakes Student Athletes

By Staff | Jan 13, 2021

Iowa Lakes athletes were recently honored by the Iowa Community College Athletic Conference (ICCAC) for academic achievements for the fall semester of 2020. All sports were recognized as all the championship seasons moved to the spring due to Covid-19.

This fall presented unique challenges with the precautions necessitated by Covid-19.

The ICCAC recognized 100 Iowa Lakes student-athletes for their academic achievement. The ICCAC has two award classifications: First-Team (3.5-4.0 GPA), Second-Team (3.0-3.49 GPA).

“I’m impressed with how our student athletes were able to persevere this fall. It’s unfortunate that they were not able to experience Laker life the way it’s meant to be, but they have done an amazing job tackling the challenges they have faced,” said Athletic Director Troy Larson.

The following is the list of Iowa Lakes student-athletes honored for the fall semester.

Academic All-Region 1st Team 3.5-4.0 GPA

Benjamin Bach-Baseball

Camdin Miller-Baseball

Jimmy Mapakou-Baseball

Noah Murphy-Sealy-Baseball

Jacob Hoffman-Baseball

Chase Dornfeld-Baseball

Nyaneit Puok- W. Basketball

Jaeda Whitner- W. Basketball

Andrea Vazquez- W. Basketball

Madison Hough- W.Basketball

Kariana Lohf- W. Basketball

Ashley Pena- W. Basketball

Alyssa Mata- W. Basketball

Keshawn Pegues- M. Basketball

Drew Johhnons- M. Basketball

Kadin Norris- M. Basketball

Ozzie Meiborg- M. Basketball

Kelly Winter- W. Golf

Gretchen Hofstad- W. Golf

Somer Hudson- W. Golf

Heidi Malm- W. Golf

Savannah Wolff- W. Golf

Abigail Gaudian- W. Golf

Benjamin Tibken- M. Golf

Samuel Miller- M. Golf

Dawson Weber- M. Golf

Daina Brazier- W. Soccer

Danielle Grimmer- W. Soccer

Laura Cardenas- W. Soccer

Sofia Hernandez-Riano-W. Soccer

Isabella Burger- W. Soccer

Abigail Thompson-W. Soccer

Emily MacLeod- W. Soccer

Deangello Brown-M. Soccer

Odal Brown- M. Soccer

Jean-Mikael Tshibanda- M. Soccer

Daniel Borba- M. Soccer

Dion Zhubi- M. Soccer

Sebastian Zaptaa- M. Soccer

Raz Levy- M. Soccer

Myles Mutegi- M. Soccer

Zakaria Mohamud- M. Soccer

Arthur Rawlingson- M. Soccer

Sofian Maghouz- M. Soccer

Daniel Flack- M. Soccer

Robert Lodge- M. Soccer

Darnell Shortland- M. Soccer

Emma Kral- Softball

Kamryn Buntrock- Softball

MacKenna Otte- Softball

Eliya Johnson- Softball

Alexis Chase- Softball

Allison McCabe- Softball

Olivia Stevens- Softball

Kaitlin Roundy- Softball

Kailey Maksim- Softball

Levin Aanonson-Sports Shooting

Ariana Umsheid- Sports Shooting

Timothy Konfrst- Sports Shooting

Benjamin Hehr- M. Swimming

Val Trussov-M. Swimming

Aina Sala Monteagudo- W. Swimming

Juan Diaz- Wrestling

Garett Borth- Wrestling

Kassandra Diehl-Dance

Elle Houseman-Dance

Academic All-Region 2nd Team 3.0-3.49 GPA

Delvis Claudio-Baseball

Cameron Gallt-Baseball

Dean Bedell-Baseball

Jack Carlson-Baseball

Alexander Paar-Baseball

Caden White-Baseball

Rachel Breck- W. Basketball

Hailey Miranda- W. Basketball

Caleb Johnson- M. Basketball

Ryan Hall- M. Basketball

Dillon Carlson- M. Basketball

Cameron Tolefree- M. Basketball

Tyler Madison- M. Basketball

Colton Schutt- M. Basketball

Blake Johnson- M. Golf

Jacob Hemann- M. Golf

Valentina Jimenez- W. Soccer

Jose Boggio- M. Soccer

Anga Lual- M. Soccer

Daniel Ailemen- M. Soccer

Matias Daniel- M. Soccer

Logan Roach- M. Soccer

Dylan Cody- M. Soccer

Kadin Oettinger- Sports Shooting

Amanda Franke- Softball

Sydney Uekert- Softball

Allison Graff- W. Swimming

Hope Serrano-Volleyball

Kylie Kline-Volleyball

Hannah Main- Volleyball

Cole Knight-Wrestling

Dallas Horne- Wrestling

Jalen Tripp- Wrestling

Alex Lozano- Wrestling

Shania Murray-Dance