Be safe on the farm


This week is National Farm Safety & Health week. The National Education Center for Agricultural Safety (NECAS) says a safe and healthy harvest is a happy harvest. It’s important to keep safety in mind to maintain productivity and avoid injury and illness.

Farm Safety and Health Week is a great opportunity to reflect, revisit and rethink the importance of keeping our loved ones safe, as well as a time to adopt new safety practices for use on the farm, ranch or at home.

According to the National Children’s Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety (NCCRAHS), every three days a child died, and every day 33 children are injured due to agricultural-related incidents in the U.S.

Growing up on a farm can be a wonderful experience. From an early age, children gain a strong appreciation for agriculture, learn the value of hard work, and develop into the next generations of farmers.

A few ways to ensure our children are around to be future leaders in agriculture include:

Accidents related to riding on or driving tractors and ATVs are the two most common types of farm accidents involving children or young people. Never allow children to ride as extra passengers on tractors, lawn mowers or other farm equipment.

No hide and seek in the cornfields during harvest. What seems like an innocent game among the corn or other tall crops can turn deadly if a child is hidden from sight and invisible to operators of large farm equipment.

Safety Days like the ones that have taken place at the Emmet County fairgrounds through the Extension are designed to be one-day, age-appropriate, hands-on, fun and safe events for children in rural communities. Since the program’s inception in 1995, more than 1.6 million children and adults have learned life-saving safety lessons helping us become recognized as the largest rural safety and health education program for children in North America.

Our newsroom is pulling for a safe harvest season in Emmet County.


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