Closing out 2020


Here in the newsroom, we suspect there are many readers who will be relieved to say goodbye to 2020. With one month to go, there seems to be no denying it has been a challenging year. Frankly we aren't sure we are going to run our usual stories of the year in the final two issues because the year had so much sameness to it, and so many things were cancelled.

We do have another month to live it before we look back. We remain grateful to essential workers, medical personnel, and all those who keep the infrastructure going even in crisis – not only in dealing with a virus, but in taking care of us for the usual injuries, illnesses and irritations that arise, and for getting us needed supplies from milk to toilet paper when we need it. There are so many people in that infrastructure of supply line and transportation, it would be impossible to thank them all in this space. But we are grateful.

Emmet County has been a place that has faced challenges in the past, and while we'd love to say the current challenge will be over on 01/01/2021, we tend to believe Estherville native Dr. Rob Humble of the University of Iowa hospitals (see today's article) when he says the process of getting things back to normal could take a large chunk of 2021, and we should continue wearing our masks.

This isn't our favorite thing to do, and staying socially distanced, having athletes play in gyms that allow for only a smattering of applause not a roar of a crowd, having performances of all kinds in doubt, and waiting for even more announcements of what is closed – it is tough to continue dealing with.

But when the place opens up again fully, we look forward to the excitement of a great turnot, the sizzle of a big game, the share experiences of being part of something big. They are all coming back, and if we do our part, we will have most everyone still with us when it happens.

We believe in Emmet County's ability to flatten the curve. We have a choice to not have cases keep rising.

Every single one of us can play a part in keeping others safe, in protecting our households, in making a temporary sacrifice to paint a brighter future and big picture than we might otherwise have.

To everyone who has made things better in this challenging time, we are grateful and it's time to push through one more month of this unusual year that has been 2020.


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