Road trip reaches Emmet County

Seth Varner and Austin Schneider of Visit 939 Iowa include Emmet County stops on statewide trip to write their book.


Seth Varner and Austin Schneider visited every incorporated town in Nebraska during the summer months of 2020. For 2021, they set a goal of visiting all 939 incorporated towns in Iowa. Emmet County’s towns were on the home stretch, and as of Sunday, Sept. 12, they accomplished their goal. They now hope to release their book with photographs, history and stories of their experience in each town by late November, just in time for Christmas. Each purchase includes a special QR code with access to an estimated 20,000 photos in a digital album.
September 10, the duo, along with their ever-present plush Energizer bunny, visited Ringsted, Armstrong, Gruver, Dolliver, Estherville and Wallingford, stopping for a pose at each city.
Schneider said, “Estherville was a ton of fun! We crossed the swinging bridge, officially the second sketchiest swinging bridge in the state, took a few minutes to say hello in the Chamber of Commerce, then ran into the library to see part of the meteorite. We then went north of town to see the site where it fell.”
Varner said, “We were surprised at how much there was to do. Major props to y’all for having so much to do for tourists.”


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