VFW property taxes??


To the Editor:

Thank you Steve Woodley for your letter to the Editor on the VFW Real Estate Tax issue. Have known Steve for over 60 years now and believe him to be a man of honesty and integrity. That means when Mr Woodley says something ... "You can take it to the bank."

Seems like a simple solution to the problem of the VFW not paying its September 2019 Tax Bill. If VFW Posts across the State of Iowa are exempt from Real Estate taxation, why does Mr Woodley have to write this letter on the behalf of the VFW Board? What am I missing here?? The VFW owes no taxes. Why has not this issue been resolved already?

The VFW should not have to go "hat in hand" and ask for forgiveness of the tax due. That would be an insult. Rather the City of Estherville/County or whoever the governing authority in this issue needs to be proactive and go to the VFW and apologize for this error.

It does not matter here who made the error. The error needs to be corrected and quickly. A refund of Real Estate Taxes billed to the VFW and paid in error in the past needs to be done as soon as possible. Does not matter how long this error in billing has taken place. One year, 5 years, or 20 years, as tax payers we need to make things right with the VFW. There is no other course of action.

I raised my kids to always do the right thing ...even if the "right thing" costs you money from your pocket. In my professional life, I constantly preach "do the right thing". There is no other way.

I happen to think we have good public servants in Emmet County and I trust they will quickly make things right with both the Estherville and Armstrong VFW Posts.

You young people out there, watch how this issue plays out. This is a teachable moment for all of us. Will we do the "right thing"??

Larry Loeschen


A Veteran and A Taxpayer


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